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Alexander Chamolly and Eric Lauga
Physical Review Fluids, 5(7): 074202, 2020
Publication year: 2020

Solutions to the Stokes equations written in terms of a small number of hydrodynamic image singularities have been a useful tool in theoretical and numerical computations for nearly 50 years. In this article, we extend the catalog of known solutions by deriving the flow expressions due to a general point torque and point source in the presence of a stationary sphere with either a no-slip or a stress-free (no-shear) boundary condition. For an axisymmetric point torque and a no-slip sphere the image system simplifies to a single image point torque, reminiscent of the solution for a point charge outside an equipotential sphere in electrostatics. By symmetry, this also gives a simple representation of the solution due to an axisymmetric point torque inside a rigid spherical shell. In all remaining cases, the solution can be described by a collection of physically intuitive point and line singularities. Our results will be useful for the theoretical modeling of the propulsion of microswimmers and efficient numerical implementation of far-field hydrodynamic interactions in this geometry.